As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy I work with individual adults and adolescents as well as couples. 

In both individual and couples counseling we will explore together connections that may exist between areas of your relationships and functioning both currently and in the related past. 

I will ask prompting questions, listen actively, and give feedback about my observations. Through this supportive process, my goal is to help you discover your inner resources and find healing and growth from resources you already have. 

Couples & Relationships

I specialize in working with relationships, especially romantic partners, to improve connection and develop secure, healthy attachments. My approach is based on Emotion Focused Therapy, which addresses negative cycles of interaction and helps restore trust, heal broken relationships, increase intimacy and improve communication.

•    Pre-Marital
•    Pre-commitment
•    Strengthening connection
•    Betrayals and affairs
•    Trauma
•    Life transitions 

Individuals  - Adults, College Students, & Adolescents

I am equipped to work with a variety of people seeking to change, grow, and experience relief. My systems training, which focuses on people in the context of relationships, informs my work with individuals as well. 

•    Trauma
•    Stress/Anxiety
•    Depression
•    Life transitions
•    Relationship issues
•    Loneliness
•    Family concerns
•    Identity exploration
•    Spirituality 

Trauma and overwhelming life experiences

I use Lifespan Integration, a gentle body-mind based treatment effective for resolving and healing traumatic life experiences, attachment issues, self-esteem and PTSD throughout the whole lifespan.  With Lifespan Integration, trauma can feel like a distant memory so you can live without the daily effects of trauma or PTSD.